Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Books!

This is a bibliography of all the books I've done starting with the most recent.
Bear with me, this is a work in progress.

Johnny Monster #1- #3 Image/Shadowline
Overlook #1- #3 Image/Shadowline

Dear Dracula HC Image/Shadowline
Necessary Evil #4- #9 Desperado Publishing

Big Boss Comics was here anthology Big Boss Comics
Necessary Evil #1 -#3 Desperado Publishing

Necessary Evil #1 Preview issue Big Boss Comics
Gentleman Zombie #1 Big Boss Comics
Lost Rites #1 Big Boss Comics

Plan B 2 Big Boss Comics
Necessary Evil Ashcan Big Boss Comics
Gentleman Zombie Ashcan Big Boss Comics

Plan B #1 Big Boss Comics
Gentleman Zombie Ashcan. Big Boss Comics
Kid Justice mini-comic Big Boss Comics
The Cloth- Timeless Comics

Plan B #0 Big Boss Comics
Captain Greedy Anthology
Advice Man. Big Boss Comics

Rough Cuts Anthology

Voltage Studios Anthology (This never happened, but we tried. haha)


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